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A week after I posted on patientslikeme the news that LDN had relieved my symptoms I had to leave.  From the get go I was attacked over and over by the same small group of very vicious people.  I didn’t understand it at the time.  Why were they so mad?

Last night, I defended a woman who had had the temerity to defend me against some of the attacks.  It resulted in veiled death threats being sent to this blog.  I’ve attached a copy of one below.

We asked the administration to do something, but they amazingly acted like it was no concern of theirs.

I am as convinced as I could be, absent direct proof, that the attackers were paid moles put in the forum to make sure LDN would get no legitimacy there.  It’s a very large board and it stands to reason that big Pharma would try to protect the BILLIONS of dollars that they would lose if the general public ever accepted LDN.

The administration’s response was so utterly unhelpful and without any outrage, compassion, or help that I was forced to conclude that they may be suborned as well.

I gave up and quit the board today.  I now am beginning to understand how 20 years after its benefits to auto immune disease sufferers was discovered it is still basically unknown to anyone.

If you join the board be careful what you say if you don’t want to be driven out like I was.

Here’s the veiled death threat I received last night.  We’re pretty sure who sent it and I have complained to his ISP.  I doubt anything will happen, of course.  If anyone reading this knows how to track the IP address beyond Framingham CT, please let me know.


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When will you die? The sooner the better. You are a piece of shit.

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