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How an Overlooked Drug Relieves Cancer, AIDS, MS, and Immune System Disorders for a Dollar a Day

Multiple Sclerosis – I’m going to cure it !

ITV’s Dr. Chris Steele Urges all UK Citizens to sign the petition to 10 Downing to fund trials for LDN !


Update: July 28, 2009

More than a year after my symptoms disappeared, I continue to be symptom free.  In January I was able to go off the ADD meds I had used to battle the effects of subcortical dementia.  It took six months after the LDN halted the progression of my MS for my brain to completely rewire itself around those portions destroyed by the MS.  I feel as strong and as sharp as I felt in law school back in my 20s.


Mail Order LDN

If you have trouble getting LDN, Dr. Bihari recommended to me that you contact this pharmacy where they will mail it to you for $38 a month.


2 Park Avenue, NYC  10016
(212) 685-0500 or (212) 532-6596

LDN available in Israel via Nettazachs Pharmacy

03-522-2062  fax 03-522-1598

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The First European LDN Conference

The Glasgow conference was amazing! Post conference interviews have now been posted at the site with all the presenters.  All well worth seeing.

For those interested, there are two vids of me from the conference you can view.

My presentation was really well received and I came away with the warm glow of knowing I had done the best I could.



LDN in seven minutes:

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Saving Lives One Person at a Time

Presentation Given at the First Annual European LDN Conference

Why aren’t they hanging from the rafters?

Addressing the 4th Annual LDN Conference – October 2008


Amazing news!  Go to Chapter 23 for details…

I have now been SYMPTOM FREE since July 2008 thanks to a simple, cheap, and easily available prescription drug, Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN).  I have put my Placebo plans on hold, as I don’t need it anymore.  I will be devoting myself to getting the word out to all Progressive MS sufferers and all other immune system related disease sufferers about this breakthrough.


I have been through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.

Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities. Truth isn’t. – Mark Twain


About me:

Son of novelist, Herman Wouk. Columbia College. Columbia Law School. Private pilot. Israeli Navy. Owned a Dive Shop in Eilat. Moved to LA. Self taught computer geek. Film,theater, TV producer. Moved back to Israel. Moved to Santa Cruz in the Redwoods. And now….

(drum roll)

Progressive Relapsing Multiple sclerosis !



Truth seeking always uncovers more answers that tend to confuse the original question and create an endless vortex of questions and answers.  Clarity is hard sought after but is always viewed through a frosted window, add a little water and you can see but only for a brief moment and then the glass frosts over again.

GothicRosie –


Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.




(My original introduction)

This blog is a first draft of a book I’m writing about my recent experiences. First, coming down with Multiple Sclerosis, then trying to cure it with ayauasca.

As nutty as that may sound, Western medicine holds out no cure yet. I either wait for our scientists to figure it out while praying that I won’t be crippled in the meantime, or I can try what the Amazonian Shamans have to offer. There is lots of anecdotal evidence of cancer being cured that way, and I even found one woman online who claims it cured her MS.

My problem is that I am a rationalist to the core. Religion, magic, spirits, demons, energies, etc. all ring hollow to me as wish fulfilling fantasies.

But I thought of a way that I could try the psychedelic cure despite my rationalism. If the drug can really convince me that I am cured, maybe the placebo effect / spontaneous remission will actually cure me for real.

I know, I know… Talk about a long shot ! But this “hail Mary” pass was the best I could come up with in the final quarter of this game of life.

My empathy goes out to all suffering from diseases that Western Science can’t handle. Maybe reading what I have to say might make you feel a little better. At minimum, “misery loves company” will find satisfaction in my words. I hope that they will do a good deal more than that.


New Introduction

Recently, I have completely recovered from all my symptoms thanks to two cheap and readily available drugs, LDN and Desoxyn.  I urge all MS patients, ESPECIALLY Progressive sufferers to try what appears to have saved my life.

As a result of this amazing turnaround, I have put my ayahuasca adventure on permanent hold.  I have changed the name of the book and have kept the original name as the name of part one.  I am writing this book as it happens, but I have a new and exciting reason to finish it and get it published.  It’s no longer about a desperate man looking for a miracle.  It’s about a man who found the miracle right under his nose and what he then does about it.


Joesph Wouk


Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will  – Mahatma Gandhi



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Finally please feel free to leave me comments on the material and my writing. That’s the main reason I set up this site. I WANT your feedback. I will answer anyone who asks me anything. I promise.

On the Turning Away

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Pink Floyd

On the turning away

On the turning away
From the pale and downtrodden
And the words they say
Which we wont understand
Dont accept that whats happening
Is just a case of others suffering
Or youll find that youre joining in
The turning away

Its a sin that somehow
Light is changing to shadow
And casting its shroud
Over all we have known
Unaware how the ranks have grown
Driven on by a heart of stone
We could find that were all alone
In the dream of the proud
On the wings of the night
As the daytime is stirring
Where the speechless unite
In a silent accord
Using words you will find are strange
And mesmerized as they light the flame
Feel the new wind of change
On the wings of the night

No more turning away
From the weak and the weary
No more turning away
From the coldness inside
Just a world that we all must share
Its not enough just to stand and stare
Is it only a dream that therell be
No more turning away?


  1. Hi Joseph,
    I just found your site. I use have a good friend with MS and I have worked with ayahuasca. I feel that I need to more before working with my friend. Hence my websearch and finding your site. I am not very computerminded though so find trawling through webpages, slow and frustrating. Also I only have public access internet for a couple of hours a week.
    I am very interested in your opinions and experiences with ayahuasca and MS. Maybe you could help me by telling me where to look for the information.

    Good luck,

    Comment by Christopher bark | June 17, 2008 | Reply

  2. hi Joseph

    I am in the middle of setting up a database for cancer and LDN I thought you might try something like this for MS and LDN

    you can start here its free

    keep up the good work


    Comment by john | January 2, 2009 | Reply

  3. Hi Joseph

    I have now, at long last got the database up and running for cancer and MS for LDN users, Please have a look and see what you think


    Comment by john | January 26, 2009 | Reply

    • why haven’t you had a update since 2009? what’s been happening since then?
      i just started taking LDN and having pretty good results. so, like to hear something
      of you.

      Comment by Thomas G. Handy | September 14, 2011 | Reply

  4. I recently published my article on Ayahuasca natural medicinal plants and their potential for reversing the progression of ALS, Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis and other neurodegenerative diseases. It can be found at:

    It is the culmination of several years work, having studied ethnobotanical medicine and the field of neurodisease, making connections between the two in the search for something viable in terms of alternative treatment options. I have been greatly motivated by the unfortunate loss of a close friends’ mother due to ALS some years ago. Hopefully, you will find it an important topic. It is currently being discussed on several online forums related to the subject matter.

    I wish you a nice day, and feel free to share this information, should you find it interesting.

    Daniel Gustafsson, Sweden

    Comment by hellspawndg | September 24, 2014 | Reply

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